‚ÄúThe most important mastery is that of oneself for one‚Äôs own self-healing and empowerment and for the healing of our whole earth.‚ÄĚ

Master Mingtong Gu

Heather May Roberts 

Educational Facilitator and Transformational Coach

I help purpose-driven women focus on what they do best so they can maximize their impact while enjoying life.

One of my core values is well-being. We need to take better care of our earth or nothing else matters. It starts by taking better care of ourselves.

Well-being is the foundation for impact, happiness and career success. Focus on well-being and the others are byproducts. Sacrifice well-being and you lose out on everything.

So I help my clients put first things first to prioritize their own well-being. Joy, creativity, inner peace and fulfillment follows. 

But this is no easy task in the world we live in...

Why I do what I do

I believe that our ability to positively impact the world rests on a foundation of radical self-care and our own inner transformations. Everyone has something to contribute and something to learn. We all have our own personalities, inherent strengths, skills we’ve learned, and our life experiences. None of us can do everything and we all can do something. 

I used to try to avoid thinking about environmental and social issues that felt too big and overwhelming to address. But I was trained in environmental science and I knew we were in trouble, so I constantly felt guilty that I wasn't doing my part to address the climate crisis.

What was really happening is that I kept bouncing back between two extremes of (1) trying really hard to make a difference, falling short of creating real impact while sacrificing my own health and (2) trying to ignore the larger issues and focus on my own health while feeling guilty that I wasn't doing enough. Ugh.

Then I found coaching...

The first time I could even imagine there was a better way was when I worked with my first coach. She helped me identify my values and strengths as a way to focus my energy most effectively while tapping into my own creative process. 

I identified coaching and facilitation as the best ways to use my unique combination of strengths, values, personality and life experience to help others thrive and make their greatest positive impact in the world.  

I came to understand that everything rests on the foundation of the relationship with myself. I cultivated fundamental skills of self-leadership in order to focus on what I want to create rather than on problems I want to solve. In other words, I became solution-oriented, rather than problem-oriented. I created routines and structures in my life to prioritize my own wellbeing. I stopped trying to do everything on my own and became willing to receive support. 

Now I live in a much healthier ebb and flow of action-taking and rest. I alternate between focusing my attention externally and going within to focus on my own healing and development. As a result, the actions I take have a much greater positive impact and I don't feel guilty when I'm taking a break from focusing externally.  

How I can help you

I can help you create a healthy ebb and flow in your life. We all need times to be productive and times of rest. When you're more focused in your work and intentional in building in rest, you have more impact and enjoy life more. 

When you work with me, I will help you to:

  1. Prioritize your wellbeing. Wellbeing is the destination (a healthy state of being) and wellness is the way of getting there. We will work together to integrate healthy lifestyle habits that work for you that lead to greater mental, emotional and physical health. 
  2. Cultivate your strengths. Knowing and growing your particular strengths will allow you to tap into your creative flow, which brings a sense of aliveness and fulfillment and joy. I'll help you to identify your strengths and how you can express them more fully in all areas of your life.
  3. Align actions with your values. Time management is really about placing what you value first to ensure you actually make time for what's most important to you. I'll help you to identify your core values and prioritize your daily actions in alignment with those values. 

Working on these three areas helps you stay focused on what you do best so you feel good and do good.

You avoid the feelings of overwhelm that come with trying to be everything for everyone and get to make a greater impact by being yourself fully.  

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