The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The world of the future is in our making.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi, we're Heather and Mindy, Co-founders of The Creator CoLab for Women

We are committed to creating lives of fulfillment and freedom that optimize our impact, well-being and prosperity.

We collaborate to exponentially increase our impact, while having fun in the process! 

We created the Creator CoLab to provide the context for ourselves and other women like us to thrive

Hi, I'm Mindy Maggio
Co-founder of The Creator CoLab for Women

I am a coach, mentor and transformational facilitator for women leaders. I collaborate with purpose-driven women to move forward with clarity and confidence AND actively participate in their life, their leadership and their business so they can make the greatest impact they are here to make.

I bring my magic to help women leaders MOVE FORWARD, faster with confidence, so they can increase their impact and their income without having to do it alone.


Hi, I'm Heather Roberts
Co-founder of The Creator CoLab for Women

I am an ACC and ICF certified Leadership Coach, a Women-centered Transformational Facilitator with a degree in Environmental Science.

My vision is to live in a society where well-being for all is a core value that infuses everything that we do. I help visionary women expand into their full potential and make their greatest positive impact.