Are you a solo entrepreneur and... find yourself overwhelmed and spending way more time working ON your business than IN your business?'ve taken lots of business training and yet still struggle to translate what you're learning into making the income and impact you know you’re here to make? don't like spending so much time working alone? 


If so, you don’t need more information.
Or yet another course.


What’s missing is the support and accountability to integrate and apply what you’ve learned in a way that works for you.


The Creator CoLab for Women provides the structure of accountability and support that heart-centered women entrepreneurs need to move their businesses forward. 

We do this through our membership program by providing a collaborative environment for changemakers - coaches, facilitators and consultants who run their own businesses.   

By joining our online workspace and transformative learning community, you'll enter a growth-oriented group of women who are moving forward together, resulting in more impact and income, without sacrificing our well-being.


It's this growth-oriented collaborative container that enables you to finally break free from your old patterns and habits to create the life and business you desire. 

Live Collaborative Sessions

Our co-working sessions and workshops help you align your actions with your vision,  propelled by the energy of the group.

Build Healthy Habits

Your well-being is crucial to a thriving business and life.  We design the CoLab sessions to follow the natural ebb and flow of each week, month and season. 

Tap into Collective Wisdom

Our community is founded on the principles of collaboration and resource-sharing. We share and grow our collective wisdom.


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Creator CoLab Membership
for Women

Develop your business in an uplifting collaborative environment supported by peers and mentors. Get support, motivation, insight and clarity!

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Community Growth Circle
for Women

Tap into the collective wisdom of the group. Join this safe space to share your true self, celebrate, connect and integrate your learning and growth with other women.

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Our collaboration is producing something that is greater than we can do individually.

We are a group of visionary women. Along with vision comes courage and persistence to realize our dreams. Our visions as women include creation. Creation of what's possible for those we serve.

This is why we created the CoLab. We are women who create. We are women who create big change in the world in small steps. The ripple effect of the impact we make as a group is extraordinary. 

Of the many online programs I have participated in to enhance my business, none have provided the level of support, strategies, motivation and insight as I have experienced in The CoLab.

Katie B.

Glenda K.

A just right nurturing space for me where I feel both grounded and expanded. Possibilities here I come!” 

This space provides the wisdom, the work space and the community that makes growing myself more enjoyable and easier. 

Lisa I.

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