Tap into collective energy to propel your business forward


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller 

Level 1 Creator MEMBERSHIP

Level 1 Creator membership includes our super productive and fun co-working sessions
plus access to our new online community forum.

 👩‍💻 Focused Co-working Sessions

Get feedback and inspiration from peers and optimize your productivity.

Work in small groups and on your own (pomodoro-style) to consistently move your business forward.

 💬 NEW! Community Forum (in Beta)

Connect with CoLab members anytime.

Ask for feedback and share resources in our private online forum (in Kajabi). Even join live video calls for additional support and co-working.

As a Level 1 member, you will:

  • Work less and get more done by dedicating time in the midst of other heart-centered entrepreneurs to focus intensely in short bursts
  • Clarify your value and your messaging by practicing describing what you do and receiving generative feedback from others
  • Grow your confidence, develop nourishing relationships, and feel energized and inspired by connecting with and contributing to others

"The overall rhythm and support in this community is really valuable. Even when I start my week feeling a bit off, just being in this space helps me get back on track. The CoLab provides the structure and clarity so that I can focus on and complete things that are important, but that I otherwise wouldn't have put as much time and energy into on my own."

Emma N.

Level 2 Creator MEMBERSHIP 

Level 2 Creator membership includes everything in Level 1 plus strategic planning at multiple scales,
group coaching and business foundation workshops.

🎯 Quarterly Strategy Sessions

Set your priorities to align with your overarching vision for your business.  

Review and reflect on the previous quarter and decide where to focus your time and energy in the upcoming quarter.

🗓️ Monthly and Weekly Planning

Identify goals and priorities to set your focus on what's most important. 

Set intentions for what you plan to do and how you want to be to promote your well-being as well as your business success.

🦋 Group Coaching & Mastermind

Unlock your full potential by overcoming inner barriers and harnessing collective wisdom.

Receive and witness coaching, where one person does the work and we all experience the transformation. Share ideas  and resources to accelerate everyone's progress.

 🌱 Business Foundations Labs

Learn the fundamental skills necessary to launch and sustain your business.

Cultivate the Mindsets, Meta-skills and Motions to create the business and lifestyle you desire. (Included in Level 2 for a limited time only)

As a Level 2 member, you will:

  • Cut through overwhelm and know exactly where to place your energy and attention
  • Get past challenging roadblocks quickly with support and without drama 
  • Grow yourself and your business faster by tapping into the resources and collective wisdom of the group
  • Develop sustainable habits to grow your business while optimizing your well-being

"The CoLab is a very valuable inspirational and motivational tool for women who want to make a difference in the work they do in the world. Mindy and Heather have put great care and wisdom into creating a format that is practical, friendly, and supportive.

A lot seems to get accomplished every week without the guilt-tripping and pressure that we often create when we’re operating solo. This could be the kickstart you need to joyfully and conscientiously expand your outreach and realize, step-by-step, your full potential."

Tricia C.M

Creator CoLab Monthly Rhythm

When Things Happen!

We design our schedule to help you develop a healthy rhythm of business development.

We hold our sessions during the first three weeks of the month and reserve the fourth week to integrate what we've learned and to rest and recharge ourselves. 

All times listed are in Pacific timezone.

Wondering which option is right for you?

CoLab co-working sessions are the heart 💗 of our membership program as they provide the energy, inspiration and momentum to propel your business forward. 

👉 If your primary need is to dedicate time and space to work on your business consistently, our Level 1 Co-Working Membership could be just right for you.


While the co-working sessions provide the optimal environment to focus and get stuff done, many of us need additional support to make sure we're focusing on doing the right things at the right time.  

In Level 2, we included everything that heart-centered entrepreneurs need to consistently take aligned action to build their businesses while promoting their well-being. 

🙋‍♀️ If you want more support to narrow your focus and break through those pesky internal blocks that keep you from moving forward, our Level 2 membership is perfect for you.

This is the one that will help you get out of your own way! 

"Of the many online programs I have participated in to enhance my business, none have provided the level of support, strategies, motivation and insight as I have experienced in The CoLab. Mindy and Heather share their vast knowledge of coaching and business with their intuitive and take charge attitude to gently guide us as we discover and implement our next steps.

They have brought together an extraordinary group of dedicated, intelligent women who work together in a variety of structures to raise the bar for everyone. Whether it is in a large or small breakout group, with a partner or working individually, the pace, guidance and support move things along seamlessly.

The time flies and I am never ready to leave the meeting. Kudos to Mindy and Heather for creating such a wonderful program. I plan to be with you for a long time."

Katie B.

Interested in joining the CoLab?

Doors are closed right now, but will open at the end of the month.

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No matter which level you choose, this is a safe place where you can join,
grow roots and connect with amazing women. 🌱

(you may even find your next collaboration partner!)

This the optimal structure to integrate what you've learned to create your desired impact in the world. Within the CoLab community, you'll be surrounded by women playing at a higher level.

We will remind you that you already know enough, already have enough, and are ready, especially when you're not feeling that way.  

You'll have access to practical tools and expertise where your sense of self will expand as you step into your full potential. This is a place where you can receive ongoing support that meets you where you're at as you and your business evolve over time.

And you're not doing it alone anymore!  

 If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]